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Balka provides personalized project management services for professionals of the creative and cultural sphere (freelancers, companies, foundations, organisations and institutions) to achieve their short- and medium-term goals. Whether it is increasing visibility and branding; boosting sales and the number of customers or visitors; developing campaigns and strategies; finding resources, arranging equipment or supporting collaborations to happen; realizing events or creating a visual identity, we are here to help.

The project manager’s responsibility is to assess the constraints of the project (deadline, budget, workforce, equipment, location) or to create opportunities and the necessary conditions that were lacking before, and then use them in the most sensible and effective way in order to attain the desired goals. A project is suitable for achieving short- and medium-term goals, but it only becomes profitable in the long run.


The creative and cultural management provides not only reasonable, but also sensible solutions to the challenges of the sector. This way, besides the question of viability and financial feasibility, the assurance of the high professional quality is just as important. In the creative sphere, in addition to the artistic and inventive tasks such as designing or production, it is certainly challenging to manage the operational, administrative and organizational aspects as well. We are here so that your only task could be to focus on creation. We can help you to get rid of your everyday and additional chores that might curb your productivity and that you experience as a burden.